Somewhere Violent

by Son Nova

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This is a concept album that takes you to dark and troublesome city. In this project you will follow the story of young vigilante who goes by the pseudonym "Gamba". All he wants to do is make his city a better place by eliminating the scum that roam the streets but in trying doing so it leads to very severe consequences.


releases September 5, 2017

Son Nova

Blessed H




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Track Name: Être Vigilant De La Vigilante

[Verse 1]
Its that type of night again
Time for me to rise again
Undercover hooligan
Here to school you fools again
Referred to as my pseudonym
Gamba is the name
I wear the mask cause im ashamed
I'm your mudufuckin' nightmare
You ain't going no where
That was just a warning shot
Come on show me what you got
Your partners looking nervous
Like why he gotta hurt us?
Cause i'm fucked up in the head
In this corrupt fucking city
The only hero not dead
My anxiety is my superpower
A power that makes you cowards, cower
An intimidating figure
Out here to save the weaker
With a sword that is samurai
A mask that is alibi
A bat that can crack a skull
And a mindset they can never call
This polluted city needs me
But cops and robbers think im crazy
Thats why they wanna kill me
And dispose my body quickly
Not today
And not ever
I gotta people to sever
Drag their corpses in the street
And let them dry in hot weather

Im a homicidal maniac
Who's main objective is attack
In daylight, or when its black
The one man revolution
You're welcome for my contribution
Limbs are what you will be losing
Cause this the life you kept on choosin'

If you see me in a dark alley
Hidden in the shadows
Nigga better pray (better pray)
Cause i'm a crazy ass mudu'
With some mudufuckin' problems
And today is not your day (not your day)
So you got point five seconds
To turn your ass around
And pray to god that you can get away (get away)
Cause when you see me around
And hear my sword making sounds
Then yeah nigga you better runaway
Yeah nigga runaway

[Verse 2]
I'm Hanzo with the blade
I'll have you traumatised for decade's
Chop up your partner in crime
Make you watch the whole time
Then ill let you getaway
Let you live another day
Just so you can keep the image
Just to prove this ain't a gimmick
Spill your blood on the concrete
And watch it all pour down the street
Smear your guts on the butchers window
All before my second wind though
Rip your fucking face off
And feed it to the dogs
I'll have you crying for your mummy
And praying out to god
I feel like Alexander Anderson
God is on my side again
Out here tryna kill the evil
All methods are so lethal
Time and time and time again
I have to intervene my friend
The dirty air fucked up your mind
One clean hit and you're going blind
This is your reality
So how can you be mad at me?
Im just doing what i have to
I don't know about you
This is the rise of gamba
A.K.A. the rise of justice
This has been real good fun
But now its time to end this
Track Name: Paint On The Canvas

[Verse 1]
Used to be a shy kid
Nobody to play with
So i had to make up friends of my own
Lil nigga got comfy
Comfy being lonely
On the playground he'd play on his own
Wild imagination
Didn't need the attention
Then one day a teacher said no
Go play with other kids
And quit being so fucking weird
Do that shit
When you go home
Fifteen years later
Look at who i made up
An alter ego
That's outta control
Spawning from anxiety
That's hating this society
What he'll do next
Is something, I don't know
What i do know is
I'm chubby black kid
Who loves anime
And is down to get lit
Who dreams to be a rapper
And not another slacker
Not another puppet
The government can fuck with
Long live nova
And every one i fucks with
Yung Da Vinci has arrived, didn't commit to suicide
Demons tried to push him, but that didn't coincide
This is what i was born to do
Innovate, Inspire you
Leave a cum stain on the glass ceiling
So what? That's how i'm feeling
I was born to do more
I was born to be great
I was built to survive
And now I can't wait

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But i have promises to keep, and miles before i sleep

Because i'm, N to the c
N to the c
N to the c
N to the c
Yeah that's me

[Verse 2]
I've seen my darkest nightmares, In the clear of day
I've seen real dogs, turn into strays
I've been on the wrong side of a psyche trip
I've had real issues, and have friends dip
My tape is good for health
But bad for education
So listen with caution, to this medication
If you know me
You know im QLan Thr3e
I hate fake people
That hate fake people
They're one in the same
That's what makes me hate people
I'm the first wolf, to howl at the moon
I rarely sleep at night, like other humans do
I'm a nocturnal immigrant
With pretty shitty penmanship
Tried to sell a lung, to get a scholarship
My oh my
How shit has changed
A kid teachers gave up on
Is now deranged
I guess they were right
In the worst way's
Cause now i'm dead set
To make some waves
I don't hold grudges
I just make progress
They never thought i would amount to much
I ain't gonna name names like such and such
But they better be ready for the invasion
No minor tings, just World domination
You don't see the visions that i see
You can't get in tuned with psyche
Track Name: Roxanne
[Verse 1]
When we first became cool
I was just mucking about
Making her laugh
Goofin' around
I always had a knack for
Making her blush
Making her smile
So i made her my crush
I caught them feels
And she did too
The problem was
Some other nigga did too
I didn't want no competition
That shit weren't part of the vision
Id be texting her
She'd be texting me
And eventually
I asked if she'd want me
She said I got you
So you got me
That's when we started dating casually
But low and behold
I fucked it up
We broke it off
And didn't speak much
But then one day
I shot her a text
She was surprised it was me
And then she replied back happily
We started talking again
But only as friends
But when the feels came back
It was one sided
She found another dude
And my heart was divided
Ain't no place colder than the friend zone
She seems happy enough
And I'm all alone
She looks at me as her best friend
She asks advice
About her boyfriend
I suffer in silence
Cause i won't lose her again
Every time we talk
I'm reminded again
Of what i had
And what i lost
I was a shit boyfriend
And i paid the cost
Should've given her the attention she deserved
I was so selfish, and too reserved
Worst part is, she's dating the competition
The nigga from before
Who nearly fucked up the vision

I'm not that boy who hurt you
I'm not that boy no more
I'm not that boy you once knew
I don't know that nigga no more

Because I know this might sound selfish
But i just want you all to myself
I know this might sound selfish
But i just want you all to myself

[Verse 2]
Shes my beam of light
In this dark world
Shes a child of the city
But shes a brave girl
Shes been through a lot
And shes seen a lot
Seen death and drugs
In her living room
Family members in court rooms
Killers and thugs
Are who she was among
Had her innocence stolen
When she was very young
She tried to runaway
As far as she could
But there's no escaping her neighbourhood
She had no where to go
Was life worth living?
She didn't know
And this saddens me
I mean honestly
This shit gets to me
I just wanna hold her
And tell her its okay
I wanna be the one
To take the pain away
I wish i could tell her this
But i can't
Wish we could runaway
But we can't
Cause she got a man
And i got a job to do
A job that I've been alluding to
When I'm texting her
But not on purpose tho
Sometimes, that's where are convos go
We talk about dreams and depression
And where the cities heading
School and the future
And things were always dreading
Shes there for me
And I'm there for her
Should've been like this
When i had her
I'm feeling like a mudufuckin' masochist
Cause i keep putting myself through this shit
Maybe i should just leave her alone
But whenever she calls, I pick up the phone
I love her more than life itself
I'd start family with her
And nobody else
I'm addicted to her everything
Her everything
My everything

Track Name: Kill The Kingpin

Its a cold cold night
To kill this nigga on sight
Find him and his crew
And they know what im about to do
Put his head on this blade
Make sure his corpse is displayed
Feed his crew to the pigs
Make them feed on the limbs
Cause he deserves it
He deserves it
Let him rot
Make him worthless
Cause he deserves it
He deserves it
He deserves it
He deserves it
The beast seeks blood in the night time

[Verse 1]
He was born on the east side
Resides on the west side
Sells hard cocaine
But the feds let him slide by
Hes made a killing, using bribe money
Hes the son of a cop, Isn't that funny?
Topless bitches in his workshops
Grown men slinging as their day job
Dead bodies in the basement
Got the blood pouring
On the pavement
Straight from the nostrils
Down through corridors
This is where souls come to die
Where thugs come to try
To make a few quid
This is what he did
He tricked the poor and the young
And turned them into slaves
Got people hooked on the product
And sent them to their graves
He's the king of this epidemic
The city doesn't need him
His life must be ended
He tried to run
He tried to hide
He played it safe
Hoping i wouldn't find
But i got him now
And ima take my time
Gonna bash his skull
And break his spine
I do not forget
I do not forgive
I'm a lone warrior
With no sedative
He flooded the streets
And poisoned mothers
Orphaned children
Left without fathers
This not a drill, this is reality
A far cry from humanity
As we deepen into the insanity
If i stop him now, whats to stop another?
Its a violent chain
I don't know
If we can recover
I don't know
I don't know


I pray god welcomes me
With open arms
To the gates of heaven
For my righteous sins
He needs to understand, I am the way i am
Just because, of the world i'm in
The times six seventeen
I had to intervene
With the sword of the spirit
And the cross in between
I heard a sad tale about a kid named Nate
He was fifteen
Orphaned child, In his early teens
He liked reading books, was an overachiever
Number one in class, impressed all his teachers
He dreamt of being a humanitarian
To try and heal this world again
He was a noble kid
With a noble passion
He had an old soul
He was old fashioned
He cared for strangers, with no hesitation
He did it to help, not for recognition
He knew loss
He knew pain
He knew heart ache, from an early age
But he fought through
And he stepped up
Told himself not to give up
He inspired others
And he inspired me
Showed people, how strong you can really be
He had a bright future
He was going places
Until one day
He was in the worst of places
It was a dark night
And he was walking home
Saw a homeless man
All on his own
The man asked him
If he could lend him a hand
Nate stepped to him
Then the man grabbed his hand
Stabbed him in the chest, laid the kid to rest
Then he stole his wallet, for the coke money
Bought from that shit, from the main supplier
You know who
So his death is required


Track Name: Hassy's Interlude
Wus good nigga.It feels like its been time since i seen you bro. I don't know if you've been busy with coursework or some shit, but that don't matter right now; cause you and me are going to club tonight G. I heard its gonna be lit downtown tonight , you know. Who knows? we might even find some bad tings while were out there cuz. So we have to check that shit out , plus this might help you get over that Roxanne chick. Yeah i know you still got them feelings for her. Im telling you bro , you gotta move on. She with that new nigga now understand? So get yourself prepared for a lit night bro. Also whilst were out , we gotta keep look out for that gambo? gambi ?, gamba? Whatever his name his guy. Word on the street is he's got a 500k bounty on his head. You ain't even gotta kill him, you just have to bring the nigga in. Now i ain't got nothing against the guy but money is money cuz! So if i see that nigga slipping, it is what it is. But forreal though , shit is crazy out here G. Word on the street is after Gambi killed that big time coke dealer , someone wants revenge. So now the streets are gonna be filled with more thugs than ever before. But shit. I ain't scared , im still gonna turn up. So yeah, ill be over in an hour and you best be ready okay?
Lets get it!
Track Name: New Age Vertigo 999
I'm here to fuck shit up
I'm here to get dumb drunk
I'm here to make some noise
So much I'll lose my voice
I'm here to trash your crib
I'm here to chug not sip
I'm here to drink then dip
I'm here to steal your chick

Can you really party, with me?
(I'm really asking can you?)
Party with me
(Fo real tho can you really?)
Party with me
(Swear down? can you really?)
Party with me
Damn (god damn!)
This is crazy (this is fucking crazy!)
Damn (god damn!)
This is crazy (this is fucking crazy! this is fucking crazy!)

[Verse 1]
I walked into the club
Like i have nothing to lose
I got a cup in my hand
Something to light up this fuse
I got some weed in my system
A mix i like to abuse
We don't care about Monday
Even though ,we got shit to do
She says she drinks for her demons
I replied we all got our reason
Some dude is tripped out on shrooms
His girlfriends in the bathroom
Snorting line after line
Then looking for a nigga to grind
Bitches shaking that cellulite
Looking for some fresh dick tonight
Can i spread em open?
And take a look inside?
If i find the right spot, do i get a prize?
I don't usually talk like this
Cause i was raised better
But tonight a blue moon
And i'm a go-getter
I'm feeling like the G.O.A.T
So i'm a go get her
I see Jesus on the dance floor
So please excuse my hysteria
I'm faded of that wine bottle
So my vision is pareidolia
Its one them nights, to act crazy
No negativity, can faze me
Drinking the pain away, seems best for me
Slurred speech
And no sense of rhythm
Got him stumbling
Like something hit him
Blurry vision
And high self-esteem
A temporary luxury
So let me do my thing



[Verse 2]
They say you can't find love in club
But i fell for the henny in the cup
Doesn't that count?
Staying buzzed
And turning up
Is the only thing I really care about
She says show me the fucking money
And In return, I'll get my tits out
Leaving here, with no regrets
And a bunch of memories, Is paramount
If she got a fat ass
We can talk
If she got a small ass
We can still talk
Way to licked to even give a fuck
Out here to pull, until my time is up
My genesis started around nine twenty one
Its been a long day
And i need some fun
So the drunkenness of nova, has just begun
A proud man, who's been undone
Was in gods good graces, like an hour ago
But since the wine hit
Ive reached a new low
So I'll drink the shame away, cause this club is cray
Ladies twerking, likes its a holiday
Student loans getting spent away
At the bar in the corner
Where the bitches stay
Where the simps be lurking
To get some ass today
Its a twisted cycle, but we love it tho
One drink away from an overdose
Probably end the night In a comatose
But it's whatever tho, I got nothing to lose
And everything to gain
If i get the chance, I'll do it all again
Im broken and i can't fix that
But as long i get my chemicals
Then i'm cool with that
Track Name: Kingdom of Horns (Blank Walls Version)

[Verse 1]
Shut myself off to the outside
Duelling all the monsters, lurking inside
I be getting lost in my own mind
When it comes to reality, I think its all lies
They can't see the pain in this fake smile
I'm in my own lane, feeling exiled
Alone with my thoughts, I might just go wild
Wonder if this trip, will be worth while
Looking in the mirror like
What is really here for me?
Dreams of having riches
But the picture isn't clear to me
Will my dreams and aspirations
Just lead me to more iniquity?
Is everything I really wanted
Really what is best for me ?
Is everything that i desire
Everything its cracked up to be ?
I'm going down a path
That i didn't want to see
Compelled within these walls
But this place ain't right for me
Just another pity story
Please do not feel sorry for me
I'm just on some grown shit
Crusin' on a guilt trip, In a lonely spaceship
Too scared of the unknown, to ever be selfish
Never seen the mans face
But i may burn for the hell of it
How can i save them
When i can't save myself ?
Dirty movies and the junk food
Ain't good for my health
Its so fucking obvious
But its hard to break imbalance
Tryna find the cure for sadness
Hidden in this chalice
Wake up every morning
Saying don't give into madness

Will i lose
Or will i win?
In the quest to find true meaning in this world
Where do i begin?
I'm afraid, and I'm alone
In the pursuit to find true happiness
Just wanna know where i belong
Where do i belong ?


Where do I belong?

[Verse 2]
Living life as an introverted sad sack
Isolated mind state, got me feeling sidetracked
In love with a girl that belongs to another
Ever since she broke it off, I have not recovered
Tell her what she wants to hear
And not how much I've suffered
Don't know if god hates me or is just testing me
Do my trials and tribulations prove
That he plans something great for me?
Its getting harder and harder
To not lose my patience
Life's got me on those ropes
When will i get my vengeance?
I'm jealous of strangers
I miss having friends
Even though those niggas weren't rangers
Loyalty meant nothing to them
So fuck all of them
They had the blood of a serpent
So i ain't fucking with them
I sleep so long, cause i dread everyday
Find comfort in my dreams
To take my reality away
Life's too stressful, my life's going dreadful
I tried therapy, but that shit weren't helpful
I be so depressed, but you would never guess
I just keep my head down and never effervesce
Not sure how to make new friends
So i just keep to myself
Id rather suffer in silence
Than ask for some help
Ever again
Momma be calling my phone
I have to lie to her again
Tell her imma be alright and everything's good
Schools going well
Im acting like i should


Track Name: Home in Hubris

[Verse 1]
Its a new day, and I'm looking for answers
This nigga wants me dead, In a city of cancers
Found out they call him Crow
He has a grudge against me
So he thinks i need to go
But imma find him, before he finds me
I'm gonna bash his skull
And smash his teeth on the concrete
But on my quest to get some details
I see three guys, tryna harass a female
So i jump from the shadows, I'm about to attack
Then the girl starts to laugh, so i retreat back
Then six more niggas, jump out from nowhere
It was an ambush, because the streets don't play fair
They wanted the bounty money A.S.A.P
They had of their own weapons, To try and challenge me
So i tap into my inner yin, and let the anarchy begin
A blood bath is what I'm used to
You have now stepped into my genjutsu
With no illusions, this is real life
This is real pain
So do you still wanna play this game ?
They begin to attack, so i dodge like piccolo
Slice three niggas neck, all hits were critical
Blood squirting out, and i ain't even started yet
Out here to break all your necks

If you want me
Come and find me
If you bout' it bout' it
Come and try me
I don't care what they say about you
I ain't scared of the devil
So i'm sure as hell, not scared of you
I don't care what the people said
Ima find you, and leave with your head
Use your insides, to paint the town red
Cause i ain't stopping, till i see you dead

If you want some, come and get some
If you want some, come and get some
If you want some, come and get some
If you want some, come and get some
If you want some, come and get some
If you want some, come and get some
If you want some, come and get some

[Verse 2]
Just got done with these hooligans
Now its time for me to move again
Shake the brains of my shoe and continue to peruse
Heard one of his mans, hangs out at some pub
So you know what ima do
I'm gonna pull up, and make him talk
If he don't comply, I won't let him walk
Ever in his life, put that on my life
So i stake outside the pub hes in
When he walks out, I'm grabbing him
Either he coughs up or its the end for him
He finally walks out, with three goons
So i throw a smoke bomb, they get hit with the fumes
I take out the goons, with a few swift motions
Drag him to the alley and try and break his devotion
I grab him by the neck, told him to talk
Or I'm snapping it
Tell wheres your leader
And what does he want from me?
He replied
I can't tell you where, but he wants you dead
You killed his brother, the coke dealer
And now he wants your head
He wants to look you in the eye
And make you suffer
Remove your mask and take away the wonder
Expose you to the world before your death
Then after that, he'll rip you to shreds
Till there's nothing left
You're in a lot of trouble, and its only a matter of time
Before he finds you, so let that fuck up your mind
He's well connected, so you better run
Not much point but he likes the hunt
Killing me won't save your soul
You sorry bastard, you're outta control
And its coming to an end, way before you know it
If you're a real man, then try and show it
But he'll find you and he'll brake you
In a strange way, I pity you
A gruesome death Is inevitable
But you can't prevent the unpreventable
You're days are numbered and i can't wait
You did this to yourself, so except your fate


Track Name: Crow

[Verse 1]
A true menace to society, welcome to my reality
Breaking bones and skinning virgins
Exploring human anatomy
I am the spawn of the devil
I am the one who was chosen
When i lost my mind, Is when i was finally awoken
Sliced Satan in throat, and left hell frozen
No political agendas, I just like my bitches dismembered
Grew up with parents that loved me
Guess you could say i was lucky
They could always provide
Too bad i burnt down their house
Whilst they were sleeping inside
I was only fourteen, you know kids being kids
Boys will be boys
They were playing with video games
Chains and knives were my toys
My brother was killed, but i had no attachment
I just like a reason to kill, and cause some harassment
Don't need no drugs in my system, to cause a disaster
I am a straight edge killer
Victim's screams brings me laughter
Drag their bodies to the Forrest
Make them fuck one of the corpses
If they wanna leave with their lives
And of course that's a lie
Because their death is inevitable, but they don't know that
My philosophy is impenetrable
And you can't change that
After the birds and the bees
I hang their necks from the trees
Let the decomposing bodies smell, drown the city
I feel no remorse, nor do i feel sympathy
I am a product of my environment
Thanks to this city
I can't be more clearer, the only god i fear
Is the one i see in the mirror

Make them scream
Make them beg
Hear the voices, Inside my head
Kill the innocent, feel no shame
Have a laugh, Its all a game
I'm a monster, and i admit it
I crave human blood, don't forget it
I do my best work, In the night time
You aren't safe here, cause this city's mine
I was born to be infamous

Ooo woo woo ooo woo woo
Wooooo ooo woo woo

I am the dark side of humanity
I encourage you be mad at me
Cut you up with rusty scissors
Force feed you some dirty sizurp
Watch you as you overdose
Knowing that all hope lost
Pick your poison, I don't mind
When I kill, I take my time
Back to this Gamba guy, I want him dead
So watch me try, better yet
Watch me succeed
Pulling of the devils deeds
Always open to a challenge, join the body counts
I had to scavenge
I don't care who you are
I drown him in the reservoir
I'll burn his skin, have him looking alien
Slice him with my Spanish donkey
Just In case I'm feeling naughty
Or should he meet my Iron maiden?
Its been a while, and a spot is vacant
Feel like Vlad, when I'm impaling
I smirk, when I'm necklacing
I love my toys
I love them all
Use them one by one
Till i kill you all
Wanna sit in my chair ?
Its German
The after affects, will have you squirming
Maybe we can start with flaying
Just to prove i ain't playing
I'm a monster, who gets physical
As well as psychological
I brake those who feel unbreakable
Literally and figuratively
Wanna take a nap In my brazen bull?
I have a personal sauna just for you
I'll make you cry
Ill make you scream
You'll be screaming out, It just a dream
No this is a nightmare that's real as death
Cause life ain't fair
Remember all your hopes and dreams
Well i regret to say, they'll never be
Whilst you're dying slowly
Look at me the face of death
Your will is gone there's nothing left
I'm taunting you, make you wish you deaf
The last face you see
As you take your last breath



Track Name: The Uninvited-Screaming, Internal
Yo bro, I'm here at Duncan's birthday party. You know?, the birthday party you weren't invited to cause Duncan don't fuck with you like that. Yeah that one. And bruv, you need to come get your chick. Roxanne is drunk as fuck right now, cuz, she don't usually get this drunk you get me? Either way, she needs to leave before she gets in trouble bruh. I don't know where her man or her friends are right now but you gotta get this chick outta here. I can't see her right now but shes here somewhere, last time i saw her she was talking to a group of guys i didn't recognise. I don't know if they were invited or are friends of hers, but they looked bare scary you know. So yeah man come pick this girl up, she needs to go home asap

[Verse 1] (The Uninvited)
Its the middle of the night, and i ain't been feeling right
Just got done brawling with a thug
And he put up quite a fight
But i gotta do what i gotta do, make sure Roxanne's alright
So imma pull up to a party, that i weren't invited to
People looking at me like, nigga who invited you ?
But i dont give a fuck tho, I don't wanna be here
But i gotta get my girl tho
Walk into the living room, everybody looking dead
Either they high or they drunk
Id rather be home instead
This dim lit house Is making it very hard to see
With the music so loud, smoke making it hard to breath
I'm asking random people like, have you seen Roxanne ?
Nah bro i just go here, but you look like a calm dude
Sure you don't wanna share a beer ?
Fuck that
I'm looking up
I'm looking down
I'm asking people all around
I can't see her
She won't appear
If she left
Is what i fear

Roxanne where you at ?
(Walking round here thinking)
Roxanne where you at ?
(What the fuck have you been drinking?)
Roxanne where you at ?
(Walking round here thinking)
Roxanne where you at ?
(What the fuck have you been drinking?)
Roxanne where you at ?
(Walking round here thinking)
Roxanne where you at ?
(What the fuck have you been drinking?)
Roxanne where you at ?
(Walking round here thinking)
Roxanne where you at ?
(What the fuck have you been drinking?)
Roxanne where you at ?
(ow wo oo woo oo ow wooo)

Roxanne where you at?


[Verse 1] (Screaming, Internal)
I asked around and i got nothing
Maybe her man took her home or something
Why do i try so hard for this chick ?
She don't love no more
I need to learn to handle it
So i walk out the house and the hear dudes laughing
I had no reason to suspect
But i checked whats happening
I approach the alley way and what do i see
My baby Roxanne getting raped in the street
She looks drugged outta her mind
And has no control
Eyes bloodshot, with blood running down her nose
They laughing and they cracking up
Grabbing her by the neck and tryna make her suck
The shocks gone and all that's left is anger
Gonna amputate, to make you unhand her
These six animals got out their cage
These sick thugs got me filling with rage
So I put up my hood and start to engage
They see me running, lets get on the same page
I flying knee the nigga who fucking her
Sucker punch, the nigga groping her
No weapons, I won't be defeated
I'm gonna stomp you out , leave you all stampeded
Hit the other nigga, with a buzzsaw kick
His heads cracked, started to gush and shit
I'm not in costume, but i don't care
They won't live to snitch cause i ain't playing fair
One of them pulls out a knife, he tries to stab me
He was swinging real fast, he manged to slash me
Got my right cheek but he was panicking
I didn't feel a thing , due to the adrenaline
I grab him by the arm, blood dripping down my face
I snap the bone quickly, rip it out of place
The knife drops, as he screams out in agony
I knife him in the torso, appendectomy
Dying by his own blade, squirming at his own fate
The suddenly, Pow
I take a punch to the chin, one of the goons got me
When i wasn't focusing
I fall to the pavement but immediately get up
Spit the blood out my mouth, and put my dukes up
Three of them attack, all wielding sharp weapons
I dodge and i block, can't afford to put a wrong step in
One of them gets flustered and pulls out a gun
But before he aims, I tear him a new one
Superman punch right to the jaw
Hear his skull land, right on the floor
Can't get excited, got two more to go
He tries to hit me with crowbar
But i give him a lowblow
Knee him in the face and punch him
In his fucking nose
The second guy comes swinging
He gets a few lucky shots
But I'm still winning, I maneuver behind him
Wrap around his chest
I crush his ribs, and then I German suplex
He lands so hard It breaks his neck
With his cranium bones, popping out of his face

You fucked with her
Now you gotta fuck with me
You made yourself
One hell of an enemy
I'm blind with rage
You can see it in my eyes
When you're on the brink death
Is when you'll realize
You made the wrong nigga mad
Wrong nigga mad

[Verse 2]
I thought i was done but there's one more to go
He was watching from the shadows
And he saw it all
He was sixth one i failed to recognise
I was too distracted by the other other five
He's a big one, looks the most troublesome
Looks about six five and hes another one
That i need to punish Immediately
But i don't think that'll be done easily
He walks up with a grin on his face
He swings a right hook, tryna knock my jaw outta place
But that won't be the case, cause i dodge that shit
I try to hit him back but that's a swing and a miss
He claps back with a counter attack
Two strikes to the ribs and a headbutt
That nearly puts me on my back
I start swinging again but he absorbs the punches
He smiles at me and begins his lunges
One punch to the skull
One punch to the gut
One knee to the face
Now my nose has a cut
He flings me to the brick wall
I take some more blows, am i gonna lose this war ?
Nah Fuck that, I start to strike back
Four combos to the jaw
Six combos to the chest
Five jabs to the chin
One swing at his neck
A few kicks to take him off balance
But then suddenly, he descends into madness
Lets out a loud shriek, sounding like a battle cry
Tackles me to the ground and punches me in the eye
From then on its a ground and pound
As I'm covering my face bones making sounds
Hes getting tired, so i take advantage
Two thumbs to his eyes cause i need to be savage
I head butt three times and punch him off of me
Now I'm one on top, won't be punching gracefully
I hit this fuck, relentlessly, continuously
Right in his in face as hes bleeding out
And i scream and shout
Out of desperation
Sweet revenge
And irritation


[Verse 3]
I finished him off, and now I'm sweaty and bloody
Breathing heavy, as dead bodies surround me
I turn to Roxanne, and she can see my face
I hope she forgets all this, I hope that's the case
She still looks lost, hope she doesn't realise what it seems
Hope when she wakes up tomorrow
She thinks it was all a dream
I walk up to her and look into her lifeless eyes
As I'm about to pick her up
Im attacked To my surprise
The dude i thought i punched to death
Tackles me to the ground
He caught me off guard, I didn't hear a sound
He gets me in a rear naked chokehold
Trying to choke me out, out cold
I'm struggling, trying to get out of it
But the more i fuss, the worse it gets
Blood rushing to my head and i can barley see
Gasping for air, vision getting blurry
I see a shard of glass, and I'm trying to reach it
So i can stab him in the arm
But I'm still at my weakest
I'm doing my best, but its no good
I can't reach, I think I'm done for good
Its getting darker and darker, and I'm so afraid
Final thoughts flood in, as i begin to fade away
So many mistakes
So many regrets
So many broken dreams
That I tried to repress
Is god waiting for me or am i going the other way?
I only sinned to do good
To make this city a better place
But i didn't achieve that goal, was it all a waste?
As I'm about to cave in, Roxanne gets up
She picks up the glass, and stabs the guys arm up
He let's me go and i can finally breath
I take in oxygen, he's screaming in agony
I look at Roxanne and she looks at me
But no time to talk, I need to finish the deed
I run up to him, give him a punt to the head
Leaving him flat on his back, and face full of dread
He begs for mercy
He asks, please let him go
I look him dead in the eye and i whisper no
I start stomping his head, like i got a scorpion on my back
My foot goes through his face and i continue to attack
Until his head is mush
Until his skulls in pieces
Until his brains on my shoe
Until his corpse twitches
I finally finish, and spit on his remains
I'm tired of scum like him
And these sick games
I step back, with my mind rocked
Look over to Roxanne, she looks shell shocked
But as I'm about to speak, I hear a camera shutter
Its one of the goons and i begin to wonder
I thought he was dead, I thought i succeeded
He took a picture with his phone and got what he needed
He says
I'm sending your face to my boss
Hes been looking for you
He's gonna be so damn happy that he finally found you
Yeah i know who you are, In this city you're a star
You're the guy with the mask
One man couldn't do all this
Unless he was special
And i think you is, but you finally slipped up
And now you're gonna pay
So try and enjoy, your final days
What I'm gonna do? He figured it all out
And now his boss knows the truth
Hes got the upper hand
So who knows what he will do
I wanna finish this guy off, cause I'm so angry
But as I'm about to attack, Roxanne then grabs me
She says run
Track Name: Wounded Knight
[Verse 1]
Please pick up, I need to talk to you
I know that i lied to your face
I know I've got some explaining to do
I didn't just lie about myself
The man that you thought knew
I lied about all my feelings, my feelings i feel for you
See i still love you girl, I want more than friendship
Since you broke it off, I haven't been the same since
I can be better than him, I've learnt from my foolish ways
My obsession for you, deepens by the day
Yeah I'm a vigilante and I'm not proud of it
But we can't kid ourselves, this isn't a world of bliss
I do what i have to do, to protect the people just like you
But I've been so depressed, you have no idea
I'm always scared, I live my life in fear
I have had the darkest of dreams
I have had the loneliest of nights
I have had those thoughts of jumping
And running towards that light
You're my only glimmer of hope, In my sad reality
My bright eyed angel, my grip to sanity
I have dreams about us, shit looks like a movie
Were chilling on my bed, and you say you love me
I say I love you too, my one and only

I know
I know
I know i should've just have moved on
Moved on
I know you love another one, another one
But hes one i wanna take you from
Take you from
I'm sure that hes a nice guy, nice guy
But i don't think, that hes you're right guy
Right guy
Girl I love you from my soul, to my core
And that's how i know I will love you more
Love you more

Could you just please answer me

Please please just. Just pick up the phone. Just pick up the phone. Please please just. Just pick up the phone

[Verse 2]
You weren't answering my mobile
So i gotta call you from this payphone
I know what i do isn't ethical
But i hope you can see where I'm coming from
I don't want your sympathy, just want you talk to me
I can't die at war, knowing that you hated me
You know that I've never been perfect
You know that i make mistakes to
And i just made a huge one, and i don't know what to do
I'm calling you at my weakest, cause I'm more lost than ever
So i choose now to confess my love
Cause it' s better late than never
I'm not gonna lie girl I'm a bit faded
Makes the looming threat of death, feel a bit jaded
My whole family in that witness protection
(Cause lord knows Gamba can't save them)
Will It make a difference? Girl I don't know
The devil sees all, so hes bound to show
Explaining everything was a damn mess
I was supposed to go with them but this is my mess
So I'm gonna stay in the city and face the consequence
Now I'm sipping on this bottle trying to repress
Fuck was i saying, shit I digressed
(Answer the phone you stubborn bitch)
I'm a little too drunk, didn't mean that shit
I just wanna hear voice, At least one more time
Before the reaper comes, and i repent my crimes
I wanna talk to you, as you speak your beautiful mind
Even if you're yelling at me, at least i got your time
If i make it out alive, I want you by my side
So we can grow old together
And we can live out our lives

Track Name: When The Crow Calls

[Verse 1]
Surprise surprise, guess who it is?
Its your worst fucking nightmare, the one that you feared
One shitty photo Is all that i needed
When your well connected, you cannot be defeated
Now i know all about you, Nova Chimera
I read your poems, you really think life isn't fairer
Well I'm here to tell you, Its about to get worse
You knew i was bound to find you, you know how this works
Before i see your family, I switched things up
We swung by your girls place, and put her in the trunk
But she ain't dead, she fought right to the end
Shes alive and breathing
But i can't say the same for her boyfriend
See i did you a favour, no more competition
So if you do get to save her
You've accomplished your ambition
You should've seen her face, when i slit his throat
She screamed so loud, as i killed the one she loves most

[Chorus X2]
I told you
Didn't i
That I'd find you
In time
I don't panic
I don't lose
So now its time, to pay your just dues

[Verse 2]
Wanna hear a secret? I didn't care for my brother
Ever since i left the orphanage, We didn't speak to each other
So why did he do this? Is what you must be saying
Reputation is a mudafucka'
I had prove i ain't playing
So what happens now? that's a good question
Should i kill the girl?
And begin my redemption?
No i think not, because that's too easy
Killing her just like that, won't satisfy me
So here's whats gonna happen, you work for me now
If you want the girl to live, you'll become my bitch now
You got 48 hours, and i got twelve jobs for you
If you're as good as you think, these will be no problem to do
I give you these twelve labours, and they all start tonight
Everything you need to know
Has been uploaded to your hard drive
I already know your answer, and don't come looking for me
I got eyes on you now, so proceed cautiously

Track Name: Daybreak Metamorphosis
[Verse 1]
I can't believe, I let you down again
Cause i did not think
That my actions would endanger you
How stupid can i be
I'm sorry, that its come to this
I'm sorry you were cursed, with knowing me
I meant you, no harm
I meant you, no sorrow
But they will be better tomorrows
Because i will not sleep
Until i find him and make him pay
For hurting you In this way
This is my fault, that i can never make right
But I'll spend eternity trying to do so
I'll spend eternity trying to do so

When the darkness Is upon us
We cannot give in
Find the light, and let it guide you
You can't let the devil win
I will hunt, until i fall
I will battle till the demon walks no more
To save his girl
I will venture to the underworld

And I will get my revenge
I will get my revenge
(I will get my revenge)

[Verse 2]
It was never ever meant to go like this
I had the best intentions
I thought all my moves were righteous
So how could I not have foreseen this?
This path of destruction, seems to be seamless
A innocent man, Is dead because of me
His death is now in vain, because of my misdeeds
And now the woman that we both love
Is scared beyond belief
Held captive by a manic, who's proud to be a thief
This is a battle that i thought Id lose
But now i have to win
I will kill out of vengeance, and add to my sins
I will not forgive
I will not forget
I will grind him into dust, and leave no evidence
He should forever be on guard
And expect me
Gonna have him regret the day
That he messed with me
I'm a different animal
I'm a different beast
I'm gonna look him in the eye, and make him taste defeat
I'm forever Gamba, Nova no longer exists
The tables will turn, and i will make him my bitch
He'll run this city no longer, At least not while here
I'll become the thing he despises, the thing that he fears
So I'll play his little game for now
But soon I'll have the power
He made a crucial mistake, By not killing me
Because right now, I feel destiny Is calling me
He needs to die by my hands, To he end his reign tyranny
Hes a mortal, like the rest of us
And can be broken, like the best of us
I do this for his victims, yes i will avenge them
The more my life spins out of control
The more i get used to this pendulum
Hes a dead man walking, and its only a matter of time
Before he slips up once and i can take what is mine
Hes gotten away with too much, I can't let him do this more
I may have lost the battle, but I'm gonna win this war


Track Name: Roll Credits
[Verse 1]
Niggas be sleeping on your boy like Xanax
I can't let that shit slide, I outta give them contacts
Make em see clearly, every time they hear me
Low-key niggas fear me, cause all the bars are deadly
Aiming for the riches, With the money and the Bitches
House on a island, with a bitch who grants wishes
Call that shit a happy ending
Actually, a new beginning
Thoughts of women got me sinning, guilty yet i still be grinning
All the praise to the most high, Funny how time files
Friends turn into foes
Girls turn into hoes
Bros turn into fakes
Niggas turn into snakes
If this a dream will I awake?
Cause I be tired of the bullshit, It's starting to get foolish
Life getting repetitive, Imma need a sedative
I'm the king of the anxiety, This is my reality
QLan Thr3e is what im reppin
A group of future millionaires Is something were professing
Introverted creative minds, using proverbs as a weapon
You're in the presence of a Yung Da Vinci
Speak clearly when you're talking to me
I've had more epiphany's than luxuries
So my plans will not be thwarted
But in this rigged game of fucking chess
The smartest move Is not rewarded
I just use my pseudonym, to be spitting synonyms
Hyperbole's, and gems and them
My flow is so spectacular, my lyrics are vernacular
Who do i think I'm better than?
No in particular
This song has no topic
Hating ass niggas be like please make him stop it
But i be still killing them, with lyrics from my cranium
I hope that solves the issues, this song isn't cannon
The actual story Is to be continued
You're still here?
Its over
Go home
I ain't got much to say, most of this off the dome
But I'm pretty much untouchable, when i be in my zone
My raps don't tell stories, my raps they tell tales
I feel the like the new Stanley Kubrick
Meets the new Orson Welles
But instead of cam, I have a mic
And my lyrics are my cinematography
With the flow of an old soul, and the mind of a visionary
I'm gonna metamorphosize, Into what you wish you could be
A threat to the game, expect twice as deadly

When you run out of new shit to say
Roll Credits nigga
When the stories over
And you need to go away
Roll Credits nigga
When they try you
But you don't give a fuck
Roll credits nigga
When they wanna play you
But they ain't got no luck
Roll credits nigga
When its been trill
But now its time to go
Roll credits nigga
What will happen next
No one really knows
Rolls credits nigga
When its been lit
But its time to end the show
Roll credits nigga
When they gonna hate
But you're just gonna roll
Roll credits nigga
Yeah yeah
Roll credits nigga
Yeah yeah yeah
Roll credits nigga

[Verse 2]
This is the bad bad world
Where the size of niggas pockets is the reason he gets girls
Where a fuck boy disses you, and Its never to your face
Then you become the bad guy
When you tell em know your place
All these fucking hypocrites, how can people live like this? Slaves to the gram, take a selfie with a snapback
You ain't got no degree, cause All you know is snapchat
Bitches having babies, child support money
Spent on a handbag
I don't need to know you, to know that you a hoe
Ask around the neighbourhood, every body knows
I'm the ghost in the shell, my world is changing I can tell
What is love to a nigga like me?
Who can never find a reason ever to be happy
Fill the Glass half empty, for the nigga with no empathy
I feel like, That's who I'm destined to become
In a world so cold, that's becoming over run
With the greed and the lies
And the deaths and the bribes
Who can you really trust In this game of deception?
Lies within lies, this our inception
Freedom of the mind
That's the motivation
Bitches and the money
That is the temptation
Dreams of success
To help the elevation
Next level conscious
That's the destination
Never underestimate, the power to discriminate
Looks can be deceiving , but opinions can contaminate
Stalking Bitches twitter feed
Creeping like a centipede, sneaky like assassins creed
All I wanna do is fuck, but maybe she is not a slut
Yes she is Yes she is, Green light green light
I could be her hero, If I had a bigger ego
Guess I'm meant to play the villain
But instead I'll be here chilling judging from a distance


[Film Projector]